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LED Bulb Phillips

One Bulb to last 15 years.

Phillips LED Lighting , see what light can do !

Now you can enjoy the latest in lighting and illumination technology in the comfort of your own home, with Phillips LED Bulb.

LED Bulb

save time and money when you use Phillips, LED Bulb, with a lifespan of up to 15 years, and up to 85% savings on energy, theres no worry about changing for a long time. Make the switch and enjoy the best qualities only from Phillips today.  100 time better than a conventional Bulbs.

Phillips LED Bulb utilizes semiconductor technology that extends the lifespan of the bulb, while making it more energy efficient at the same time. You can also experience excellent lighting quality that’s easy on the eyes. LED bulbs are manufactured without any hazardous materials, making them a safe and sustainable choice.

Existing bulbs can simply be taken out and replaced, as Phillips LED bulbs is designed to fit and work with existing sockets and fixtures.

Available in Islamabad Rawalpindi

Contact: +92-321-2748836